The Norwegian Ready Mixed Concrete Association, FABEKO organize all major companies producing ready mixed concrete in Norway. FABEKO was established in 1964 and have developed into a strong organization which supports the members on many different tasks. In 2014, FABEKO was celebrating the first 50 years in operation and produced a video presenting the association. The video “Fabeko 50 year” is available in English at Youtube


The members of FABEKO run about 180 ready mixed concrete plants scattered all over the country and represents more than 95 % of the yearly volume of ready mixed concrete produced in Norway. In 2018, close to 4 mill m3 of ready mixed concrete was produced by FABEKOs members in Norway and this represents a volume record. In 2018, Norway had close to 5,3 million inhabitants. Due to difficult logistics crossing deep fjords and high mountains in both summer and winter conditions, most communities have their local producer of ready mixed concrete.


The association is run by two persons in the administration and 6 board members representing the member companies. FABEKO also run regional activities to support members on local tasks. These activities are organized through four regional groups and coordinated by FABEKOs administration. In order to serve the special challenges of pumping concrete at building sites, FABEKO has organized these activities in a separate Pumping-group with it’s own board. FABEKO is a member of ERMCO – the European Ready mixed Concrete Organization.

FABEKO’s main services and activities

Member service. This is defined as an activity with high priority. Our members consist of some large companies, some medium size companies and many small companies.

The association helps local companies solve technical or other problems, customer service and other daily tasks.

Conferences. Once a year we arrange a Ready Mixed Concrete Conference with a full technical and social program. In 2018, this conference is included in the ERMCO 2018 Congress in Oslo.

The Association has split the member companies and activities in 4 regions. Every autumn a 2-day regional meeting is arranged in each region and a 2-day “Pumping day” is arranged in spring. In addition FABEKO arrange seminars with special topics like “Improvement of environment at concrete plant”, “learn how to develop an EPD” etc

Competence level courses. The Association has run a number of courses for members giving formal competence according to requirements in NS EN 206/NA and controlled by Kontrollrådet (the Norwegian Control Council for Concrete Products). Most of these courses are now merged with the activities of Norsk Betongforening (the Norwegian Concrete Society). These formal competence courses are also including concrete truck drivers and mobile concrete pump operators.

Environment. It is our goal that our members shall comply with existing and future environmental regulations, and that the branch shall have a good environment image.

Safety audit Checklists are used by member’s plants. This list has been an important tool for RMC plants that have been certified according to EN 14001. FABEKO has together with the Precast concrete association and LCA.no developed a popular web-based EPD tool for documenting concrete’s environmental footprint on project-level.

Recruiting of personnel to the industry. In cooperation with The Norwegian Concrete Society and other parties, several activities have been carried through. FABEKO is recruiting young professionals through positions in the regional boards and through project organizations.

Information. Interesting news and information is spread to the branch through web-site www.fabeko.no, newsletters and social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Certification of concrete pumps. FABEKO is organizing a certification system for concrete pumps to secure that all equipment is following technical standards and described maintenance systems. About 400 mobile concrete pumps are included in the certification system. The pumps are checked according the “FABEKO-standard for pumps” by Controlling companies which are certified by FABEKO’s Approval Committee for concrete pumps.

Promotion of concrete

Marketing of promotion for concrete towards building owners and architects are done through the organization Byggutengrenser (Brilliant Building). The website www.byggutengrenser.no is one of the channels of information. Promotion of concrete solutions towards contractors are done through FABEKOs meetings and technical seminars, coordinated by the Norwegian Concrete Society. FABEKO has participated in a permanent concrete exhibition-studio in Oslo showing a number of concrete surfaces, concrete with different colours, white concrete, polished concrete and several concrete sculptures. The website www.betongstudio.no is a channel for information